Winnick Family Foundation Commend Bloomfield Science Museum Work with Israel’s Youth

August 26, 2009

Three Israeli teenagers – 17-year-olds Shira Ahissar and Yadid Algavi, along with 16-year-old Shahar Gvirtz – became international celebrities in Israel earlier this summer when they brought home top prizes in the “World Series” of science fairs, the prestigious Intel International Science and Engineering Fair competition. 

The three science stars won the right to represent Israel by first scoring top awards in Israel’s national competition sponsored by Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem – an institution supported the past five years by the Winnick Family Foundation.  The Bloomfield Science Museum is one of the flagship projects of the Jerusalem Foundation which has an unmatched, 40-year track record in nurturing philanthropy projects in Israel.

Said Foundation founder Gary Winnick: “In a conflicted world hungry for peace, science and technology are the great levelers. The constant goal of the Bloomfield Science Museum is to arouse curiosity among all, without distinction, who visit there and to deepen their understanding of a natural world and human technological capabilities – shared by all who share this planet.”



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