In July 1999 Jay Walker set a DiMaggian record by passing $1 billion in net worth (liquid or illiquid assets) within one year of founding Priceline. He broke a mark set a year earlier by Global Crossing’s Gary Winnick. Neither man is on the 400 today. That’s a good reminder for the speedsters of our time, Groupon’s Eric Lefkofsky and the Facebook mafia, to set some cash aside. Jay Walker: 1
Gary Winnick: 1.5
Eric Lefkofsky: 2.5
Jeff Bezos: 4
Mark Zuckerberg: 4
Sean Park: 6.5
Sergey Brin: 8
Larry Page: 8
Bill Gates: 12
Daniel Och: 13
Warren Buffet: 19
Henry Ford: 23
John D. Rockefeller: 25
Ray Dolby: 40 YEARS

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